Friday, December 21, 2007

Tis the season to be Jolly...

Joshua has been a very good boy. Went for the monthly checkup today and everything is in order. Got the Christmas toys for him... Nice ah nice ah...?
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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Empat Haribulan Julai Dua Ribu Tujuh...

Dear Americans,

Wishing you guys a very Happy Fourth of July!

Once I Woke Up in Bali

n.b. Should have posted these one month ago... anyway, enjoy the pics.

Arrived Bali quite late ie 830pm liao. 3 hours flight is quite tiring journey, especially if you got nothing to do and nothing to see, except sexy Air Asia airstewardess...(no wonder everyone can fly nowadays)

Stayed in All Seasons, somewhere in Legian. Quite a nice and affordable hotel. Don't get confused with Four Seasons, as the price is like 4 times higher.

Just take a look at the washroom. Sorry, no bath tub though, only shower. Nice leh...

Well, poor man cannot be choosy rite? Ahem...

In Bali, you can find flowers everywhere... mostly frangipani. Well, they are religious people and would pray 3 times a day, and with their decorated offerings, flowers and sweets and food. This is for the good and the evil spirits.

Not only that, everywhere in Bali is nicely decorated with flowers. The image on the right is actually shredded pandan leaves with colorful flowers, afloat on the water. It gives out nice scent when u walked past by.

On the way to the beach, I saw this! Baby monkey enjoying its breakfast (rambutan). Farnee animal.

The famous Kuta beach. Lots of Mat Saleh (Bule) here. Surfing dude and dudest... There are many Japanese too... Not many gone naked though...

Another interesting place in Bali is Uluwatu. There is a temple perched up high on the cliff. Scenery here is breathtaking. Was waiting for sunset, but, it was a cloudy day!

I just love the pic of the sea in the evening.

For dinner, we proceed to Jimbaran.

Nice place for nice seafood and sunset. Nice place, yes. Nice seafood, yes. Sunset, err, no! Water fish comingggg...

The damage... 650,000 in Rupiah. But we ordered and ate like no tomorrow!

Well, next day we proceed to the inland, out from the beach. You can actually find these people selling 'jamu' in the whole Indonesia... They apparently can cure whatever sickness you have...

Just imagine if you go and see a doctor:

Doctor: Apa sakit?
Patient: Sakit masuk angin...

Doctor: **blur**

As for these guys/ladies:
Tukang Jual:oh masuk angin... gampang tuh... pakai jamu 'Tolak Angin'

They HAVE jamu for every sickness!

Tak percaya? Nah...

This next place is GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana). If you are interested to know more, click this

This guy is HUGE! and the place is AWESOME.
Beats me what happened to his arms, maybe he stole something while in Terengganu (Hukum hudud...curi kena potong tangan eh?) He got six packs though... must be a Fitness First customer.

Next, we visited Puri Tirta Empul. Not really an attraction to be found on the Internet, but I highly recommended this place. Go to
for further information. )

I managed to get some water from the gushing stream, for wealth and health (i need all the luck in the whole ok!?

We continued to Ubud. Ubud is known for wood carving. All the along the road, we can see lots of houses turned shop, selling handicraft items. My oh my, they are artistic lots!

Cicak tokek is considered as good luck charm here.

This lady is carrying a couple of Buddha's palm, carved and ready to be sold. Balinese are friendly lots.

Managed to arrive Ubud just before the sunset. This is our room. Excellente! and only like USD27!

The next morning, we were woken up by these! This is the view taken from our room's back balcony.

And, this is infront of our hotel... You dont find this in KL!

That evening, we attended a 'Kecak' dance in Ubud. Rp50,000 per person and worth it. However, you will get the tune 'cak cak cak' into your head for couple of days though...

Nice pretty young things...

Well, we will definitely come back to Bali!

p/s: For those who are 'Gila Babi', dont forget to try this!

Lain dari yang lain!

Ok dokie... thanks for reading this long mumble...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Just got back from a good one week holiday. Baaaaaliiiiiii!!!